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June is Seniors Month. To celebrate the City of Elliot Lake will be hosting two events at the Civic Centre.

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An Age Friendly city, or community, adapts its structures and services to be accessible to and inclusive of older people with varying needs and capacities (World Health Organization, 2007). Not only does an Age Friendly city benefit older people, but people of all ages. Age Friendly Elliot Lake is the whole lifecycle, "Design for the young and you exclude the old, design for the old and you include everyone," (Bernard Isaacs, Founding Director of the Birmingham Centre for Applied Gerontology). The City received the Age Friendly Community Planning Grant from the province of Ontario through the Ontario Seniors Secretariat in June 2015, With this grant the City created the Age Friendly Elliot Lake 5 Year Implementation Action Plan with action items that will imrpove Elliot Lake's age friendliness.

To be designated as an Age Friendly Community the World Health Organization's (WHO) 8 Age Friendly themes must be addressed. They are:

  1. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Social Participation
  5. Respect and Social Inclusion
  6. Civic Participation and Employment
  7. Communication and Information
  8. Community Support and Health Care Services

Focus group sessions have been held surrounding the 8 Age Friendly Themes and the Essential Checklist of Age Friendly Features. The Public consultations were to help keep the public informed about what is happening with this project and the community based survey that was distributed in August 2016 was to allow the public to be a part of the formation of the Age Friendly Elliot Lake Action Plan. The Action Plan contains short (1-2 years), medium (3-4 years), long (5 years +) term goals, as well as a few categorized as ongoing to improve certain aspects of the community. The action plan has been adopted by the Municipal Council. This plan is a 'living document' which means once an action item has been completed it will be checked off, and if there are any changes to be made to the plan they can be made. This plan will be reviewed annually amongst City staff members and partners, as well as during Municipal budget process each year.

To view the Age Friendly Elliot Lake Final Report & Action Plan please click HERE

Pour voir le rapport final d'Elliot Lake et le Plan d'action en français, veuillez cliquer ICI

"The WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities currently includes 287 cities and communities in 33 countries, covering over 113 million people worldwide," (WHO, 2014). Of the 287 cities and communities, Canada holds 16 designated Age Friendly ones.

Aside from the World Health Organization, there is the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Milestones. This is a list of milestones that any Canadian community needs to meet or follow to apply the Age-Friendly Communities model in Canada. To stay connected, keep coming back to this website for updates and more information!

To learn more about Age Friendly communities, please visit these websites:





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