Current Mayor & Council

Elliot Lake's current Council was sworn in on November 17th, 2014, to serve a 4 year term.  Council includes:

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 Mayor Dan Marchisella

  • Born and raised in Elliot Lake.
  • Married to Misty, with three children: Brody, Logan and Hope.
  • Spent six years with the Canadian Forces, with one tour to Afghanistan.
  • Graduated with honours from the Business program at Algonquin College.
  • Completed multiple courses on budgeting, procurement and ethics while employed with the Public Service for the Department of National Defence.
  • Committed to the development of sustainable industry for Elliot Lake, a diversification of recreation for all age groups and free competitive practice for business growth.

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Councillor Luc Cyr

  • Residing in Elliot Lake since 1974 except for a 9 year period from 1988-1996.
  • Husband to Nancy and a father to Danielle.
  • Fully Bilingual in French and English.
  • Managing a local grocery store since 1998.
  • Committed to economic growth and to ensuring long term sustainability.
  • Welcomes residents to communicate their concerns and needs.
  • Supports improving city accessibility for all residents.
  • Dedicated to work restore trust, fairness and openness of City Council.

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 Councillor Connie Nykyforak


  • Family roots in Elliot Lake since 1958.
  • Employed with Algoma District School Board (administration).
  • Honours Business Administration (3 yr) - Cambrian College.
  • Sat as Chair of St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation (5 years) during its formation.
  • Long proven record of effective community involvement.
  • Deep commitment to Elliot Lake and its future.

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 Councillor Candace Martin


  • 3rd generation resident of Elliot Lake, an avid outdoor recreationalist.

  • Owner/operator of Scott Enterprises providing bookkeeping, consulting and property management services; Administrative manager of S.J.M. Construction Ltd., owned by husband Steve; former personal banker.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: Law & Justice / Philosophy; currently completing Diploma in Urban Land Economics; has also studied in business and accounting.

  • Actively involved in community organizations and enjoys volunteering at a number of events.

  •  Committed to accountable and sound municipal planning, financial management and decision making; keen on developing and leveraging our natural assets to increase tourism, attract residents and support economic investment while respecting and enhancing Elliot Lake's image as a wilderness playground in natural setting.

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Councillor Norman Mann



  • Lifelong resident of Elliot Lake
  • Received an Honours Commerce Degree from the University of Windsor in 1993.
  • Employed with Huron Lodge as Community Services Coordinator for the past 17 years.
  • Three time past President of the Rotary Club of Elliot Lake and Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Current trustee with St. Joseph's General Hospital.
  • Wants continued prosperity for future generations of Elliot Lake residents including his children.
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 Councillor Tammy VanRoon


  • Proudly born and raised as a Navy Brat.
  • Married with one adult child and one teenager, chose Elliot Lake to raise her family in 1998.
  • Self employed, locally.
  • Dedicated to Elliot lake's future success and it's citizens.
  • Encourages communication

Telephone number: 705-261-3770

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 Councillor Scot Reinhardt


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