Public Notices

The following notices are listed on this page: 

  • General Notices - Informational notices usually relevant to municipal operations and special events.
  • Proclamations - Proclamations made by council often recognizing special achievments, important dates and periods of reflection.
  • Statutory Notices - Notices usually required under the Municipal Act or Planning Act.

General Notices

NOTICE of Public Workshop - May 1st - Official Plan Review

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Sale of Parcel 4602 A.E.S. - 4.29 acres of waterfront on Hwy 108 South

Surveyors Report - Parcel 4602 A.E.S. and Phase II ESA - Parcel 4602 A.E.S.

Questions and Answers regarding the Request for Proposals - sale of Parcel 4602 AES

NOTICE of PASSING - General zoning amendment to permit shipping containers in the Industrial Zone 

NOTICE of PASSING - By-law to adopt amendments to the Community Improvement Plan

Click HERE to view the proposed Community Improvement Plan update 

Notice - Seeking a volunteer to serve on the Arts and Culture Advisory Commiittee

Notice - Seeking a volunteer to serve on the Community Liaison Committee

Notice - Seeking a volunteer to serve on the Elliot Lake Public Library Board

Notice - Seeking a volunteer to serve on the Miners Memorial Name Selection Committee


No proclamations at this time.

Statutory Notices

Notice of Special Council Meeting - Official Plan Review - Introduce 5 year review process - March 27 2017 at 6:30 PM

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change - NOTICE of COMPLETION - City of Elliot Lake Solid Waste Management Plan