Tender OPS 2018-05 for the Rehabilitation of Five (5) Wastewater Treatment Plan Screw Pumps

Request for Tender-  Project No. 17-2026-2 - Sugarbush Heights Road ( Fromerly Dunlop 5 Road) Undergrond Electrical

Request for Proposal -  RFP No 2018 -03 - Replace Fire Hall HVAC Unit

Project 2018-03 - Addendum #1 - Replace Fire Hall HVAC Unit

Request for Proposal - RFP No 2018-02 - Perform Detailed Review and Performance Verification of City Hall HVAC System

Project 2018-02 Addendum #1 

Request for Proposal - RFP No. 2018-01 - Construct Modular Concrete Segmented Retaining Walls

OPS 2017-15 Tender for Ontario Parks Log Cabin Rehabilitation                                                                                                                          Missisagi Provincial Park- Structural- Log Cabin Review
    Log Cabin Rehabiliation Site Meeting Sign In Sheet

Tender FLT-01-18 - for Purchase of Two Light Duty Service Trucks