Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is comprised of the Clerk's office, Human Resources, Information Technology and Treasury.  See below for a description and contact information for each area.

Contact Corporate Services                                 Fax: 461-7244                                     email Corporate Services  
45 Hillside Drive North  |  Elliot Lake, ON  |  P5A 1X5

Michael Humble, CPA, CGA, Director of Corporate Services / Interim CAO         (705) 848-2287, ext. 2107
Timothy Vine, Deputy Treasurer                                                                            (705) 848-2287, ext. 2111
Elizabeth Louis, Administrative Assistant, Corporate Services                             (705) 848-2287, ext. 2104


City Clerk

The City Clerk's Department is the corporate office for the City of Elliot Lake and the holder of the corporate seal.  All official corporate business is processed through this Department.
The City Clerk's Department is the keeper of Council's Corporate business records and documents. Consequently, the Department is heavily used as an official source of information. It deals with hundreds of inquiries and disseminates information of all types.  Inquiries come from sources such as: the general public, lawyers, businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, media, provincial government agencies, municipal employees and elected officials.

The City Clerk's Department is responsible for the following core functions:

  • Processing of all Corporate business to be dealt with by the Council
  • Providing advice to Council and staff to ensure that all Corporate business is properly dealt with in accordance with the Statutes of Ontario and other applicable law
  • Developing and administering Municipal policy
  • Administering and delivering planning services pursuant to the Planning Act
  • Processing and administering requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Responding to a large number of requests for information, both internally and externally
  • Carrying out a variety of statutory duties such as those under the Vital Statistics Act, the Municipal Elections Act, etc.
  • Managing the Woodlands Cemetery
  • Issuing Marriage Licenses

Contact the Clerk                                                    Fax: 461-7244                                  email the Clerk
Lesley Sprague, Clerk                                              705 848 2287, ext. 2103


Human Resources

The Human Resources division provides management for the most valuable resource of the Corporation - our people. This division's functions include: labour relations, maintenance of all employee files and databases, development and administration of human relations policies, contract administration, benefits/health & safety management.

Contact Human Resources                                  Fax: 705 461 7269                             email Human Resources
Nicole Ottolino, Human Resources Manager         705 848 2287, ext. 2118
Lise Marengere, Personnel Clerk                           705 848 2287, ext. 2117                   


Information Technology

The City's IT division is responsible for all network operations, procurement of hardware and software, providing support to all corporate network users and overall computer related services. The IT division is responsible for the technical aspect of the City's web site, in conjunction with the Economic Development Office.

Contact Information Technology                           Fax: 705 461 7269                             email Information Technology
Robyn Scott, IT Manger                                            705 848 2287, ext. 2114



The Treasury division is responsible for the design and implementation of an accounting system to track all payments in and out of the corporation including accounts receivables from ratepayers and payments to contractors and employees. The division also prepares standard operating procedures and ensures adequate reporting to the public and to Council on the affairs of the corporation.

Contact Treasury                                                     Fax: 705 461 7244                             email Treasury
Front Desk, General Inquiries                                   (705) 848-2287, ext. 0       
Elizabeth Louis, Administrative Assistant                 (705) 848-2287, ext. 2104
Darlene Peever, Property Taxes                              (705) 848-2287, ext. 2109
Amanda McKay, Water Billing                                  (705) 848-2287, ext. 2108
Deputy Treasurer (vacant)
Michael Humble, CPA, CGA, Treasurer                   (705) 848-2287, ext. 2107

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