Emergency Management

The City of Elliot Lake is committed to providing a safe community and part of this is through its Community Emergency Management Program.  This program refers to the preparedness and response capabilities of the community in meeting the needs caused by wide scale emergency or disaster.  It is the coordinated response of both municipal and non-municipal resources.  Emergency Management encompasses planning, preparation, policy, education and training for both emergency personnel and the public, and response to and recovery from an emergency.   

Emergency is defined as an abnormal situation which requires prompt action to limit damage to persons, property and the environment.  The difference between routine emergency and disaster is the difference in both quantity and quality.  All municipalities are subject to large scale emergencies or disaster.  In Elliot Lake, forest fire, electrical failure, human health emergency, ice and sleet storms are examples of emergencies which we may face.  Both emergencies and disasters threaten public safety, public health, the environment, property, critical infrastructure and economic stability. 

In recognition of the leading role the municipality will play in the event of an emergency the Council has adopted an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for the City of Elliot Lake.    The aim of the plan is to make provision for the extraordinary arrangements and measures that may have to be taken to protect public safety, meaning the health, welfare, and property, as well as environmental and economic health of the residents, businesses, and visitors of the City of Elliot Lake when faced with an emergency beyond normal procedures.  Elliot Lake's ERP has been developed in order to facilitate a timely and effective mobilization of resources in order to respond to an emergency.  Every official, municipal department and agency is prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency.  The ERP has been prepared to provide key officials, agencies and departments of the City of Elliot Lake with important response information related to arrangements, services and equipment, and roles and responsibilities during an emergency.  The ERP has a supporting Evacuation Plan which is emergency specific and this aids officials in ensuring that nothing is left out.

 In your day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility, yet natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes, or technological or environmental accidents such as chemical spills, or service disruptions such as power failures during the winter can strike any community at any time.  Emergencies occur with some degree of surprise and requires unusual and demanding response effort.  

Most people are unaware of their responsibility for initial action in an emergency in that they should be prepared to do what is reasonably necessary in the first 72 hours to protect their life and property.  It's important to have a family or individual emergency plan in place before disaster strikes.  Preparedness is the planning process a family or individual takes to ensure they can survive an emergency. 

Preparedness comes in all shapes and forms; for example, in case of emergency you should know if the school will keep your children or will they be sending them home.  In case of a house fire or other unexpected event, each member of your family should know what to do.   There are all types of emergencies to prepare for.  Do you prepare yourself for the woods?  Each year the news carries stories about adults and children being lost in the woods.  What if your car breaks down in the middle of winter?  Do you have an emergency plan, blankets in your car, a shovel, flashlight? 

Common sense and preparation are the key.

Elliot Lake wants you to be prepared.   Emergencies can and do happen so it is an important challenge for everyone to be aware of and be prepared for both natural and human-related emergencies.  Everyone is encouraged to become familiar with Personal Emergency Preparedness and to develop a personal emergency plan.