Recycling Schedule

Curbside pickup of recyclable material takes place on a weekly basis as detailed in the schedule below. Materials collected will alternate each week.

Recycling Schedule and List of Recyclable Materials (click here) May 2018 - April 2019

Note: Collection of recycling materials and residential garbage will commence at 7:30 a.m. To ensure your materials are collected, please have it curbside before that time.  

Description of Recyclable Materials

Symbol C Denotes

Glass Bottles and Jars Only

  • Clear and coloured only food and beverage containers only.
  • Remove lids and place in garbage.
  • Place loose in Blue box

Metal Food and Beverage Containers

  • Steel & aluminium food and beverage cans.
  • Aluminium trays and foil
  • Steel lids or jar lids can be placed with metal food products
  • Rinse and remove lids or push into cans
  • Place loose in Blue Box

Plastic Bottles and Jars

  • Containers marked with the symbols 1 through 6 on side or bottom
  • Plastic pop bottles, water bottles, soap, anti-freeze, laundry detergent or bleach bottles
  • Place loose in your Blue Box

Symbol F Denotes

Newspapers, Magazines, Household Fine Paper, Catalogues and Telephone Books

  • Includes advertising inserts and glossy flyers
  • White, brown or coloured writing and mailed papers
  • Photocopy paper & envelopes, No carbon or tissue
  • Keep newspaper separate from cardboard
  • Place loose in Blue Box

Corrugated Cardboard

  • layered cardboard boxes with a ripple between the layers.
  • Keep newspaper separated from cardboard
  • Flatten & bundle to fit in Blue Box
  • Place loose in Blue Box


  • Cereal, detergent, shoe boxes, etc. Remove liners, flatten and stuff into a boxboard box.
  • Cardboard and boxboard can be placed together
  • Place loose in Blue Box



For more information, call the recycling hotline at 1-800-430-7778.

Please use blue box or similar type containers only.