Taxi, Bus & Other Transportation Services

Greyhound Services

Greyhound provides service across North America. A connecting service is provided to and from Elliot Lake by a contract service provider. 

The transfer point between Elliot Lake and all Eastbound and Westbound Greyhound Buses has been moved from Spragge to the Tim Horton's in Blind River.

The bus will leave Sights and Sounds at 160 Ontario Avenue at 7:20 pm Weeknights and Sundays to meet the Eastbound Greyhound bus at approximately 8:20 pm at Tim Horton's in Blind River. Westbound travellers will be met by the Elliot Lake bus at the Blind River Tim Horton's at approximately 10:40 pm returning to Sights and Sounds Weeknights and Sundays by 11:40 pm

Note that the connecting service does not offer immediate connections to all Greyhound buses.

Please note that there is No Saturday Service.

Package drop-off and tickets available at Sights & Sounds.
160 Ontario Avenue, Elliot Lake

For detailed information on the Greyhound service, follow the link below.

Greyhound Canada

Personalized Transportation

Five Seasons Transit offers a shuttle service from Elliot Lake to Sudbury and Toronto Airport by request.  Service is provided for airport connections, medical appointments and basic travel.

Contact Five Seasons Transit
Toll Free: 1-800-461-3582

Click here to visit Five Season Transit website 

Taxi Services

The City of Elliot Lake is well serviced by two private taxi companies that operate year round.

Taxi Plus
Tel: (705) 461-6161

Union Taxi
Tel: (705) 848-7111

Vehicle Rental Services

Tel: (705) 848-4111
23 Perini Rd
Elliot Lake ON
P5A 2T1

Tel: (705) 848-0730
9 Perini Rd
Elliot Lake ON
P5A 2T1