Taxi, Bus & Other Transportation Services

Greyhound Services

Greyhound provides service across North America with a stop 35 kilometres south of Elliot Lake in Spragge. The stop is located immidiately east of Algoma Chrysler in Spragge.  A connecting service is provided to and from Elliot Lake by a contract service provider.  The connecting service operates at the following times:

Note that the connecting service does not offer immidiate connections to all Greyhound buses.

 Depart Time
 Monday - Thursday8:35 a.m.Return Service provided on each trip.

8:35 a.m.

7:45 p.m.

All departing times are from Sights & Sounds
160 Ontario Avenue, Elliot Lake

 Sunday7:45 p.m.

No Saturday Service.

Package drop-off and tcikets available at Sights & Sounds.
160 Ontario Avenue, Elliot Lake

For detailed information on the Greyhound service, follow the link below.

Greyhound Canada

Personalized Transportation

Five Seasons Transit offers a shuttle service from Elliot Lake to Sudbury and Toronto Airport by request.  Service is provided for airport connections, medical appointments and basic travel.

Contact Five Seasons Transit
Toll Free: 1-800-461-3582

Taxi Services

The City of Elliot Lake is well serviced by two private taxi companies that operate year round.

Taxi Plus
Tel: (705) 461-6161

Union Taxi
Tel: (705) 848-7111

Vehicle Rental Services

Tel: (705) 848-4111
23 Perini Rd
Elliot Lake ON
P5A 2T1

Tel: (705) 848-0730
9 Perini Rd
Elliot Lake ON
P5A 2T1