Membership & Fees

All municipal facility rates are set by Council under the User Fee By-law. 
To view the entire User fee By-Law, click here (PDF File).

Rates includes HST.

Pool Use (No FitnessCentre) - All Drop-In Programs


 1 Year

6 Months

3 Months

10 Visits



10 Sessions



 Student$172.05$109.16  $64.08$33.75$3.75  
 Senior$211.81$124.59$75.60 $27.00 $3.00$33.75$3.75
 Family$415.28$255.10 $154.25$87.75$9.75  


Affordable Accecs Card - Rates are 65% of full cost for 3 Month, 6 Month and 1 Year Passes.  Senior rates excluded.

Pool & Fitness Use - All Drop-In Programs

  1 Year6 Months3 MonthsDrop-In 
 Adult$616.98$383.25$223.07 $8.00
 Senior$431.89$268.28$156.15 $5.60
 Family$818.69$510.20$300.20 $16.80


 Fitness Centre

  1 Year6 Months3 Months10 VisitsDrop-In 
 Youth$231.37$142.38$83.06 $4.50
 Adult$504.27$316.80 $183.91 $56.25$6.25
 Senior$352.99$221.77$128.75$39.60 $4.40
 Family$670.38 $439.01$255.10  $12.85


 Public Skating - Centennial Arena

 Season10 VisitsDrop-In 
 Student$106.78$33.75 $3.75
 Senior$91.36$27.00 $3.00


Affordable Access

Recreational opportunities must be accessible and affordable  to all who wish to make use of what the City has to offer to lead full lives.  The City's Affordable Access Policy helps ensure that cost is no barrier to participation.  To view the policy and a list of activity dates, visit the Affordable Access Policy page.