Arts & Culture Organizations

Arts and culture based programming and events in Elliot Lake are driven by a strong network of artists and performers that support the growth of the arts.  The City of Elliot Lake also hosts regular events in support of the arts.

For a list of Art Programming in Elliot Lake, click here.

To view larger art and performance based events, visit the Elliot Lake Tourism website (click here).

The following groups play a significant role in support of Arts & Culture events and programming in the City.  They also hold various courses and seminars that may not be listed on this site.

Arts & Culture Round Table in Elliot Lake (ARIEL)

ARIEL is a not-for-profit art council dedicated to supporting the arts community in Elliot Lake, Ontario.  They help art and culture groups through marketing, grants, coordination, networking, advertising and advocacy.

ARIEL and their members are actively involved in community based art projects throughout Elliot Lake.  To learn more about ARIEL and their activities, please visit their website.

Visit ARIEL Website (click here)

Elliot Lake Entertainment Series

The Elliot Lake Entertainment Series is a volunteer driven organization committed to showcasing professional performing arts in Elliot Lake.  They hold concerts throughout the year, usually based at the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre or Westview Park.

Visit Elliot Lake's tourism Site for a detailed listing of their On-Stage events (click here).