Snowmobile Loops starting in Elliot Lake!
Ontario's best stay & ride destination.

May Lake Loop
65 kilometres
Starts and ends on TOP F returning to Elliot Lake
Ontario 's first trail built by an ATV Club signifies the great partnership that exists between snowmobiling and ATVs in Elliot Lake .  Snow on this trail means that tire tracks turn to snowmobile tracks.  This is a very scenic trail accessing all that nature has to offer and you'll never believe that you're always within the City limits.

Touch the Big Water
120 kilometres
South on D to Spragge
East on TOP D to Spanish
North on TOP F to Elliot Lake
Named for the awesome views of Lake Huron from overlooking rock ridges.  Riding includes the narrow and scenic forest trail on TOP D, to Spragge, the impressive power line on TOP D that takes you to the edge of Lake Huron in Spanish.  Then return on the fast TOP F back to Elliot Lake.

Power Run
135 kilometres
West on EL3 to Iron Bridge (via D134)
East on TOP D to Blind River and Elliot Lake
Feel the power of your sled as you follow the wide, flat trails along the EL3 power line trail.  This entire trail is all about vistas and smooth riding.  Some twists and turns along D134 bring you to a straight, wide, forest trail along TOP D.  Iron Bridge and area is a great stop for viewing deer on and off the trail.  The last leg on D105F are wide forest and gas pipeline trails.

Deer Trail
360 kilometres
North on TOP F to Aubrey Falls
South on D106 towards Echo Bay
East on TOP D to Thessalon/Iron Bridge
East on TOP D134 and EL3 to Elliot Lake
One ride and you'll know why this is called the deer trail.  A long day but easily one of the most scenic and variety packed loops anywhere.

Wilderness Trail
60 - 110 kilometres
Use portage trails to access hundreds of lakes - all within a few kilometres of the City.  Most access is off of EL3 and TOP F north of Elliot Lake .  These are primarily unmarked trails with extensive lake crossings, so an outdoors map is necessary and can be purchased at most places that permits are purchased.